October 28, 2013

MAJOR ISSUE - My Former website is no longer operable My New Website is


I originally obtained a website from dot tk which is a free website service in order to display my ebooks. I unfortunately missed some renewal deadline and unbeknownst to me I lost the domain name - The kind folks of dot tk now re-registered my domain to a pornographic website!!!! (smh) I am very upset since I have promoted on so many of my ebooks. I have since purchased my own domain. This is the new home for my works. I now have to do damage control and update all my ebooks to reflect my new website. Please make a note my blog is still fully funtional and will be used until I commission someone to build me a website. Thank you all for your understanding.

Conrad Powell, Esq.

October 26, 2013


Hi Everyone: I have been busy of late. I decided to use to have a contest where Designers are competing. I CHOSE SIX FINALIST DESIGNERS and from these six designers, Ten final covers have emerged.

I now need to choose one. 
(1) You can vote below by leaving a comment below this post with the number that corresponds with the one above the cover you have chosen. You may also leave specific comments to explain your answer, or
(2) You can vote in this poll at this link for Just click this link. 

Please help me get the best most marketable cover for the John Start Thriller. I want a cover that will look great with the words "#1 NY Times Bestseller." 

Thank You,

Conrad Powell, Esq.

October 22, 2013


Hi Everyone.

I retooled the Jesus, I Am Ready: Developing a Servant's Heart - Month of November. With an eye toward publishing Month of December soon. So for my faithful readers, I have offered:
Jesus, I Am Ready: Developing a Servant's Heart - Month of November (Devotions for Every Day of the Year).

Smashwords Link:

Kobo Link:

I now want Amazon to price match it by offereing it for free. That is where YOU come in. The more Amazon is made aware of the free price at Kobo and Smashwords, the more they will rush to price match it so Kindle Owners can enjoy it free too. So here is what you do.

1st - This is the KOBO LINK that you need to copy and paste into the pop up window on Amazon's site when they ask you for the URL of where it is offfered for free. The LINK IS:

2nd - Go to this Link at Amazon where my ebook is offered for $2.99. I want Amazon to make it permanently free. So CLICK THIS LINK:

ON the Amazon Page under the PRODUCT DETAILS section towards the Middle of the Page, Amazon has a link called "Tell us about a lower price." Here is a snapshot of the page.

Click on the link and the following window will pop up:

Where it asks where did you see a lower price, click next to WEBSITE (ONLINE)

It will expand the same popup window for you to submit the information. This is a snapshot of how that would look.

                                                                                                                                                                               3rd - Now copy this kobo link:

and paste in the section on the popup window that says "URL"

Next where it says "PRICE" put 0.00 and where it says Shipping costs also put 0.00

LASTLY click the "SUBMIT FEEDBACK" BUTTON and you are done. Thank you very much for your help. Check back to the Amazon site to download it when it goes free. Amazon usually takes two weeks to price match.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping out.

June 14, 2013

AMAZON PRICE-MATCHED - THE REALM - Box Set Parts 1 to 5 -Thanks Everyone

As you all are aware Amazon Price-matches with other websites. This is a very important tool for Authors who want to have parts of a series given for free in order to encourage readers to make a purchase of the series. When price-matched for free, your book is essentially permanently on the free download list for the genre and it can really give you mileage.

I asked all my readers to help me the other day to get The Realm: Box Set - Parts 1 to 5  price-matched for free and they helped me by alerting Amazon that the title exists free on
Barnes and Noble

If enough persons tell Amazon about the free price elsewhere, Amazon will match it to Free status.

I did this so hopefully persons who read the free portion, would come back to purchase the complete Novel
The Realm: A Novel (Book One of the Realm of Angels Series). Also, I set the price for the novel temporarily at USD 99 cents (at the Amazon site only) to see if I get movement. Otherwise it is prices at 4.99. The Novel is at the following links:

Amazon: The Realm: A Novel

Barnes and Noble: The Realm: A Novel

Kobo: The Realm: A Novel

Itunes: The Realm: A Novel

Smashwords: The Realm: A Novel

So this tool is very effective for authors like me who have serialized works.


May 03, 2013

FREE EBOOK - HELP ME GET AMAZON TO PRICE MATCH for FREE: The Realm: Box Set - Parts 1 to 5

Hi Everyone.

I have revamped my Vampire Redemption Series to its final Name
For my faithful readers, I have offered THE REALM: Box Set Parts 1 to 5 (Realm of Angels Series, Book One)  for free on



I now want Amazon to price match it by offereing it for free. That is where YOU come in. The more Amazon is made aware of the free price at Kobo and Smashwords, the more they will rush to price match it so Kindle Owners can enjoy it free too. So here is what you do.

1st - This is the KOBO LINK that you need to copy and paste into the pop up window on Amazon's site when they ask you for the URL of where it is offfered for free. The LINK IS:

2nd - Go to this Link at Amazon where my ebook is offered for $9.99. I want Amazon to make it permanently free. So CLICK THIS LINK:

ON the Amazon Page under the PRODUCT DETAILS section towards the Middle of the Page, Amazon has a link called "Tell us about a lower price." Here is a snapshot of the page.

Click on the link and the following window will pop up:

Where it asks where did you see a lower price, click next to WEBSITE (ONLINE)

It will expand the same popup window for you to submit the information. This is a snapshot of how that would look.

3rd - Now copy this kobo link:

and paste in the section on the popup window that says "URL"

Next where it says "PRICE" put 0.00 and where it says Shipping costs also put 0.00

LASTLY click the "SUBMIT FEEDBACK" BUTTON and you are done. Thank you very much for your help. Check back to the Amazon site to download it when it goes free. Amazon usually takes two weeks to price match.

October 15, 2012



THE DEADLINE FOR THE CONTEST HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JUNE 30, 2013 Pacific Standard Time. All Entrants that previously entered on this original blog site, don't worry your entries will be counted. All new entries must be done on my new blog at 
Please make a note.

September 12, 2012

FREE - my just written poem or whatever you want to call it inspired by Stevie Wonder's Song "Free"

I have been busily working on my new effort due out by tomorrow and I was listening to Stevie Wonder's Song "Free." Just search for the video on After listening to it, I thought about how busy we often become that we forget to smell the roses. How we allow the doldrums of life to creep in and stifle our joy and peace of mind. How we needlessly suffer on this spinning ball when we could really have a better life. So I penned a small poem. I am not a poet, I repeat, I am not a poet but as a writer I wanted the statement inside to flow so here it is entitled "Free."


Since you’ve taken my freedom in life
Take it not away in death
The strangling dischord of hate rob my piece of mind
 Freedom asks nothing yet gives everything
How come you cannot free me?
What is it to you that I want to roam the plains?
What is it to you that my face wants to bathe in sun-rays?
Every man must meet his fate.
Every Seraphim must sing praise.
On the altar of selfishness the world dies while few live
But what is life when misery abounds
Can you really quench your thirst when my lips are too parched to sip?
Can you taste the smoothness of tender braised steak when my aching bones I cannot bear?
Are you responsible for my happiness?
You’ll be glad to hear that the answer is no.
Are you going to allow me to be free?
Not in death but in this life?

Copyright © 2012 Conrad Powell
Inspired by Stevie Wonder’s Song “Free.”

Okay back to writing my legal analysis of the No Easy Day Saga due out by tomorrow.

August 23, 2012



Okay. So I realize more people are coming to my blog because I have revamped my ebooks to include a hyperlink to this blog site. Excellent. However, now the pressure is on to create a nice blog. By the way if there is someone out there who can help me to create a better looking blog, please email me at Also while I am at it, I am in search of a graphic artist to redesign all my covers. I want a designer that can do the Amanda Hocking type covers from her Watersong Series. They will also design the Feed The Need Campaign T-Shirt. I'll tell you more about this below.


So some are asking about my Hunger is Not a Game Project. The response from the crowd was less that encouraging. I have the few royalties and will give a total report of the royalties made. However, I have recently discovered so I will be launching my Feed The Need Campaign via I aim to do the project via crowd funding one Parish in Jamaica at a time starting with Saint Elizabeth. All the monies donated (God bless those who did donate) will be pledged to the new Feed The Need Campaign: Project Jamaica (Saint Elizabeth). In addition to a meal, I aim to distribute a care package to every person on the street which shall include:
(1) Bar of Soap
(2) Wash Clothe
(3) Tooth paste and toothbrush
(4) Deodorant
(5) King James New Testament Bible (pocket size)
(6) Feed The Need T-Shirt

Okay so I will have more on that later.


So finally I edited my mostly completed novel into serial shorts The First Book in the John Start Series is appropriately titled START. I already have the 2nd Book which I have been writing in my mind for about 6 months and it will be explosive. Now I also have the idea for the third book. SO I have already picked out names for my follow-up books:
Book 1 - START
Book 3 - RE-START
Book 6 - BAD START
Book 7 – START UP

Here are the new covers I designed.


Also I redesigned the covers for Parts 1 to 6 of the First Book - Vampire Redemption in the Twilight at Dawn Saga. Here are the new covers. I thank God the day someone told me about XARA design software on the Kindle Forum. It is so much easier to use than Photoshop. Although these are not the final covers I want for my books, they are a far cry from where I started. I hope you agree.

So you folks can see I have been quite busy.

Part 7 of Vampire Redemption (Book 1) is complete. I am finishing up the editing so it should go live in a few days. Part 8 is being completed and that will conclude the novel which I will then put Vampire Redemption (BOOK 1) out as a stand alone Novel while I serialize (Book 2 - Book). Book 3 - King will be the final book in the Saga unless the demand is greater than I can bear. It is so funny, this saga started as a stand alone short story and now it has blossomed into a Saga LOL.


Some of you have heard of my new non-fiction work that I am nearing a completion. I hope it will be available by next week. It will be the definitive go to legal guide for indie book authors.


Okay so I wanted to avoid having just to depend on Kindle to give away some of my books for free. So I signed up with It is a free cloud storage site where I uploaded the following titles as PDF's. I will also upload the mobi (prc.) and other versions but the PDF version is absolutely free to download.

So I have also uploaded my titles back onto Smashwords and Barnes & Nobles. I have also added my titles to Finally, I am editing my Betrayal Series Cover and I will upload it to

June 13, 2012

FREE KINDLE EBOOK DOWNLOAD - Collection Parts 2 and 6 - The Vampire Redemption Series 

It has been some time since I have been able to blog. 


I am working on getting my new Detective Series out in time for Father's Day. The name of my Detective is Aston Martin Start (a NYC Detective). Here is a preview of the Cover for Part 1. 


I've been too busy to notice politics but I understand Ron and Rand Paul are now backing Mitt Romney. Ok.

Writer's Legal Tip of The Day:


When I use a royalty free photo to make a book cover, is that legal? And can I use it to print as well as in ebook form? 


I answered this in some post long and far away but I will refresh the info.
Here is the deal on Royalty Free Photos:

I think you ask the question from the wrong end. I think you should ask what are the consequences.


When someone takes a photo or films a video. they own the content

(I think best example of how precious this is is the woman who had footage at JFK's assasination make quite a few millions per second of download and the Courts ordered the US government to pay her estate. Not bad for a "home video."

Now, if you use anyone photo, they technically own the content. That does not necessarily cover the right to commercially exploit the subject of the video. 
Example. A photo of a famous building or person does not give you the right to use the image of the person in the photo. You would have to seek a "model release" in order to do so. 

Yes this stuff is very technical but follow along.
Many websites like Getty images have cropped up as a wholesale licensor of images. Some are called royalty free which means you pay a one time fee to download it and use it as you wish. If that image has a model in it or a figure, Getty has gone though the trouble of getting the releases ahead of time. Therefore you don't have to worry.

There is also called Royalty Managed photos. In this paradigm, you must pay for the type of exploitation you seek based upon your level of usage and type of usage.

There are people who still use these photos without paying the fees to companies like Getty. If you can get around their unsitely watermarks, these pictures can be used from a technical perspective but it is illegal. 

Now i would not advocate that you do that but look at the reality. Who will sue you? If they sue you a lawsuit could very well bring you some notoriety. So if you choose to use an image without paying the licenses, the consequences can vary depending upon the popularity of your book. At some point if you used an image illegally, then you would have made it as an author if you receive a Cease and Desist letter demanding that you remove the photo from use or pay a bundle of money. If this happens to you it would be both a blessing and a pain in the you know what. Okay. That should answer your question. 

Hunger Is Not a Game Project:



Keep the donations coming folks. I am planning the first project for Junction, Saint Elizabeth and Santa Cruz, Saint Elizabeth. We will use the first funds to purchase bulk items chicken and rice and a few volunteers will cook the food to be served. I will film everything for you all to see. I am excited to start so please do help. Project Jamaica. 

Picture of the Day: 

Photographer Maxim Kazmin

Musician/Band/Music of the Day:

I am listening to an oldie but goodie. Kurt Carr and The Kurt Carr Singers

"Awesome Wonder"

May 08, 2012

FREE KINDLE EBOOK DOWNLOAD - Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration

This will be the new formats of my blogs that will cover areas and topics I will blog on regularly. Areas and topics are subject to change based on current events. Thanks much.


Download now on Kindle a special way to say thanks to my readers: Absolutely free for 2 more days so hurry and download. I am now working on final edits of The Coyaba Protocal, The Assurance, Island Heist (Detective Lester Jayson Thriller #1) and Eve Ate, Adam Didn't. The First Parts of all 4 series will be complete within three weeks. starting with Island Heist. I will be finishing up touches of "Black Girls Don't Cry Too Much." It should be ready for upload within two weeks.


Well I've been catching up on real word news. Ron Paul givin' 'em hell. Imagine the possibility of Ron Paul bringing the Republican Party to it's knees by studying the delegate voting system within the party. It cannot be denied Ron Paul is a mover and a shaker. I am neither Democrat, Republican nor Libertarian. If there was a party that could capture the best of each that party would have my vote. As to what qualifies as the best of each? I'll keep it to myself (smile.) Okay off the soapbox and back to writing.

Writer's Tip of The Day:

If you want to save copyright fees, put all you writings together under one collection call it for example "Conrad Powell's Collection Volume 1" and list on your copyright application all the underlying  works contained therein. In this way, you are only paying one application fee to cover several works. The one copyright will include protection for all the works contained therein. Remember, obtaining a copyright certificate from the Library of Congress is not necessary to prove ownership of your works. You are presumed to have that ownership once you put it into a recorded format (i.e. writing it down). However, the copyright certificate gives you the presumption of copyright and allows you to sue in US Federal Court to protect your works from unauthorized exploitation. If I have sufficiently confused you, email me at for a better explanation.

Hunger Is Not a Game Project:

Also a thank you to two more purchasers of The Hunger is Not a Game Project.

Picture of the Day: Photographer, Thomas Hawk

Musician/Band/Music of the Day:

Hands down TTD gets my vote. Terence Trent D'arby as perhaps the greatest liberator of his own musical expression. The man did things on his terms. I especially dig his new music
"Albuquerque" and "Christine"  cool tunes. Check them out streaming on his website at 

May 06, 2012

PART 6 - THE VAMPIRE'S CELEBRATION is now live on amazon and available for download

As you all recognized, I have revamped all the covers for the series. Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration picks up where the cliffhanger in Part 5 - The Vampire's Apostle ended. Check it out.
The other revamped covers are:

May 05, 2012

Thank you All for the continued support of The Hunger is Not a Game Project.

Two more books were purchased and two more Kindle Premium Membership "borrows." Each borrow is equivalent to USD$2.00 so please borrow the book if you want to contribute. I would now like to have the readers email me suggestions on which Charity dealing with poverty alleviation, hunger relief, or similar efforts, we would consider for contributing the proceeds from Hunger Is Not a Game. I would like us to consider OXFAM. Here is their 2010 annual Financial Report. They do quite a bit globally to address poverty and social justice.
Also I am making a new announcement 10% of the profits from all my commercial books shall be donated to The HUNGER is NOT a GAME PROJECT. This shall start with June 2012 royalties going forward. As soon as the royalties hit my account for Amazon that is 60 days from the time of accrual, then I shall forward 10% of the gross to The Hunger is Not a Game Project. This is of course in addition to the 100% royalties from the "Hunger Is Not a Game" book available for $4.99 on Thanks to all those who have donated already.

Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration

has finally been uploaded to Amazon and should be ready for purchase by Sunday morning.
It took a little longer than expected due to my involvement with getting The Hunger Is Not a Game Project off the ground.

I am now turning my attention to uploading all the first parts of my new series that I have:
(Thriller) The Coyaba Protocol - Book 1 - The Coyaba Trilogy
(Sci Fi Thriller) The Assurance - Book 1 - The Assurance Trilogy
(Religious Thriller) (Young Adult) Eve Ate, Adam Didn't - Book 1 - The Nikolas Sander Series
and I am in the midst of finishing Part 2 - The Witness. The Betrayal Series (Romance).

Also Free on Amazon Kindle for a few days is:
The Vampire Redemption Series: Collection Parts 3 and 4 and 5.

April 27, 2012

Thank You Thank You Thank You - To The First Donor from The United Kingdom

Tears are really in my eyes because I just checked the amazon reports stats and the first donor from the UK has donated by purchasing Hunger Is Not a Game. I want to take this opportunity that if that person ever reads my blog, they will know who they are because the first book towards this project was purchased today April 27, 2012. I do not know if you are religious, spiritual or simply morally conscious but I wanted to single you out whoever you are for the beauty of your gift to this project. Although you are anonymous to me, you are not anonymous to God. And I want to thank you and pledge that with donors like you grabbing a hold of this cause , it will make a diference in many lives. I do not take it lightly that you have taken your precious resources to give to help others and I applaud you. If more persons in the world thought like you, we seriously would be in a better place. Some may ask why do I rejoice over the one single donation? I rejoice because for a few persons, that donation will make a difference. This reminds me of the story of a little boy who was at the seaside and there were more starfish that had been washed up on shore than could be numbered. The little boy picked up one of the starfish and threw it back into the ocean thus saving its life. A man passing by saw this and stopped the boy. He asked him," Why do you waste your time? Don't you see how many starfish are on this shore? You can't save all of them. What you are doing doesn't make a difference." The little boy paused, turned around and looked at the ocean where he just threw the one star fish and he said, "Well I made a difference to that one." And he pointed out to see. With that the boy smiled and picked up another starfish.
They also have a saying in Jamaica "Every mikkle makes a muckle." In other words every little bit helps to put together. So again, to the first donor to Hunger is Not a Game Project, I want to say God Bless you and may he make his face to shine upon you. In fact without even knowing who you are, (God knows who you are) I will pray for you tonight and I am confident that God will bless you because he saw your heart. You have made my day because starting this project will bring me that much closer to a life of serving others. Here is the print screen shot of confirmation of the first donation.  

April 26, 2012

The Vampire's Celebration - Part 6 of The Vampire Redemption Series to be typed now

Remember as I mentioned in an earlier blog, there is no better typist than the voice recognition software DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING. Click on the link and check it out. It will help me to complete my hand written stories in about an hour. WOW! SO Off I go to speak-type as I say.

April 24, 2012

Hunger is Not a Game - Ebook now available on

Hunger is Not a Game. Ebook available now on

HI all as I said it is now published so this process in in the hands of our community. Let us spread the gift of giving.
-Conrad Powell

April 23, 2012

Hunger is Not a Game. - New book on

I promised all that I would reveal my Hunger Games short piece. Well as of two minutes ago, I uploaded "Hunger Is Not a Game" to I am expecting that it should be published within 24 hours. Okay folks as I mentioned, 100% of the royalties from this essay shall be donated to a charity which shall be chosen somewhat similar to the choosing of tributes in The Hunger Games. No Charity shall have to give a blood fingerprint. 
This shall be the method and this webpage shall be "Panem" Central in relation to this charitable giving: 


1st -  24 nominees (charitable organizations that deal with poverty eradication, alleviation, or anti-slavery movements) shall be chosen out of all charities that readers shall nominate by leaving a comment on conradpowell.blogspot (dot) com. For any given distribution, the reaping period for nomination a charity shall open the 30th of each month and shall close by 5 PM Eastern Standard Time on the 15th of the next month.

2nd – Between the 15th of each month and the 28th of each month, the readers shall vote on which of the 24 charities shall be the victor.

3rd – On the 29th of the said month, the royalties that have accrued to my Amazon KDP account which I shall display as verifiable for transparency sake, shall be distributed via whatever method the winning charity desires.

4th – I will post on conradpowell.blogspot (dot) com the proof of such charitable gift. This cycle shall continue as long as royalties accrue for the said book.

5th – “May the odds be ever in their favor.”

Thank you all for your attention to what I am sure will be a great experiment in the spirit of giving. May we always remember in the words of John F Kennedy, 

“For of those to whom much is given, much is required. And when at some future date the high court of history sits in judgement on each of us recording whether in our brief span of service we fulfilled our responsibilities to the state our success or failure, in whatever office we hold, will be measured by the answers to four questions: First, were we truly men of courage with the courage to stand up to ones enemies and the courage to stand up, when necessary, to ones associates the courage to resist public pressure, as well as private greed? Secondly, were we truly men of judgement with perceptive judgment of the future as well as the past of our mistakes as well as the mistakes of others with enough wisdom to know what we did not know and enough candor to admit it. Third, were we truly men of integrity men who never ran out on either the principles in which we believed or the men who believed in us men whom neither financial gain nor political ambition could ever divert from the fulfilment of our sacred trust? Finally, were we truly men of dedication with an honor mortgaged to no single individual or group, and comprised of no private obligation or aim, but devoted solely to serving the public good and the national interest? Courage, judgement, integrity, dedication, these are the historic qualities which, with Gods help will characterize our Government’s conduct in the stormy years that lie ahead.”

April 22, 2012

Slight Delay in Hunger Games Phenomenon

I promised that I would have my short piece delivered tonight. Alas, I have not felt too well today as so I must delay for a couple of days. I should have not only "The Hunger Games Phenomenon" up and ready, Part 6 in The Vampire Redemption Series - The Vampire's Celebration should be ready for upload as well.

THE VAMPIRE REDEMPTION Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration

It's in the can as they say in Hollywood. I have finished writing Part Six and when I edit using Dragon Naturally Speaking it should be available for purchase by Monday. Thanks to all my readers for their continued support I am having the best month ever and it is because of my readers. God Bless you all. Now the announcement: (Drum Roll) my Hunger Games response will be live by tomorrow night and 100% of the proceeds shall be donated to Charities of your choosing that relate to Poverty Eradication, Hunger Relief, Medical Relief, Anti-Slavery Organizations and the like. I will reveal more details tomorrow, er today it is already 4/22/12. 

April 12, 2012

RE: The Vampire's Celebration. The Vampire Redemption Series - Part 6

Hi All:
I am 2,000+ words into Part 6 Should be finished by April 15th and uploaded by April 20th. I am also working on my response to The Hunger Games. I hope all are encouraged. "God's will will never take you where His love cannot keep you." I think I heard that quote from Arsenio Hall. What ever happened to Arsenio? Back in the day that was definitely the late night show. Momentarily I have two FREEBIE KINDLE PROMOS going:
The Vampire's Salvation. The Vampire Redemption Series - Part 3.  and
The Vampire Redemption Series Collection: Parts 1 and 3.
Enjoy them. For the month of March, I gave away a total of 3,165 copies of my books but this resulted in overwhelming sales numbers. Thank you all for your support. 

April 06, 2012


I am now penning Part 6 in the series. I have written about 1, 000 words so far, a slow start but I had to kind or reminisce and watch some old Michael Jackson Videos. Oh my favourite. Well I don't have a favourite song but video wise it has to be Smooth Criminal hands down. "As they came into the window, was the sound of crescendo." Please Michael Jackson's estate do not sue me (smile). Such a tragedy what happened to Michael. Okay enough. Time for sleep. To all my readers giving me a record month, thank you sincerely.

April 04, 2012


I wanted to blog about some great news. Since going live The Vampire's Apostle is selling well, also The Box Set: The Vampire's Redemption Series - Parts 1 to 4. I suspect that the 5th instalment in the Series is driving sales. NOTE: There are three things I am observing as an Indie Author.

(1) - FASTER TURN AROUND TIME FOR CONTENT - What is happening is called a paradigm shift. That simply means that the consumers of story entertainment are no longer wanting to wait one year at a time for instalments to their new stories. I predict that this will even affect the movie industry. In a year it will become laughable that the powers that be who control intellectual property content will be able to keep folks at bay one year for each movie or one year for each new series in a book trilogy and the reason is simple.

Consumers are now being spoiled by indie authors who are getting content sequels and series parts to them quicker than Hollywood or the Traditional publishers. There is simply too much red tape in the processing of content to make it deliverable to the consumers.

 I agree that there are indie works out there that could use some severe editing processes, however, the cream of the indie pie is rising to the top and consumers are rewarding that.

I am slated to finish Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration  by next week.

It will be uploaded no later than a week from today. Part 7 - The Vampire's Prophet will be the following week and Part 8 - The Vampire's Ascension will be the week thereafter, precisely 15,000 words in three weeks deliverable to wanting consumers.

If I were with a traditional publisher I would not be allowed to deliver my content so fast.Now I am not one of those bashers of The Traditional Publishers because if the price is right I may very well accept a deal like Amanda Hocking.

Now I do not know if being an Attorney-at-Law helps in my speed with which I edit for grammatical and typographical errors (and believe me there are a few (smile)) but I do know I can deliver to an audience that loves fast content. So there is a game changer. I suspect that the Hunger Games Trilogy Film and the Stieg Larsson - "Girl" series shall be the last of the dying breed of year by yea releases. There will come a time sequels and tri-quels will be coming out back to back. Enough said, and

Okay so there it is. Stop the Facebook, Twitter obsessions folks. Although those are great networking sites I believe it was the Great J.A. Konrath who said spend your time and money writing. Now this is my advice.

The money you are spending buying ads, buy a big bag of Doritos, a large bag of hotdogs that you pre-fry and you have an all-niter and write at least 3,000 words. Do this two times a week and spend your money for your favourite snacks to make you happy while you write for broke. Now I suggest for those health conscious like my colleague J.A. Konrath that you substitute the above with apples and bananas and fruit juice (no sugar added).

(3) GET DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING - Seriously folks I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this program is for me. I write all my books by hand and then I speak it into microsoft word using Dragon. Once I just leave out the quotation marks references and the periods (I go back and add that it later in the edits) it works wonders and the edits go faster. I really recommend this program. I sure wish I could be their spokesperson. Anyhoo! Keep writing and keep living. I still have the Hunger Games short something I am working on.  

March 27, 2012


All are anticipating 'The Hunger Games' release. I have an interesting take on the phenomenon I shall share soon.

March 26, 2012


I am finally finished writing part 5 in the series The Vampire Redemption Series. Of course most of you know I worked tirelessly on the Box Set: The Vampire Redemption Series Parts 1 to 4. I want to make a note here for those indie authors. It is paramount to create your stories in series. It allows you to avail yourself of promotions like The Kindle KDP Select Amazon program. Here authors can allow one book in their series to be downloaded for free while having the others at a price. I have found so much success with this formula, my royalties from Amazon have grown in one year by 1000%.
I cannot stress enough that the series brings the added value and allows you to be generous to your readers by offering them a free download. For example, I have offered as a free download The Vampire Redemption Series Collection Parts 1 and 3 and I found that my readers were moved enough to purchase The Vampire Redemption Series Collection Parts 2 and 4.
Trust me it is well worth it. I will be uploading the latest instalment in the Vampire Redemption Series - The Vampire's Apostle - Part 5 by tomorrow. My bed calls till next time.