October 22, 2013


Hi Everyone.

I retooled the Jesus, I Am Ready: Developing a Servant's Heart - Month of November. With an eye toward publishing Month of December soon. So for my faithful readers, I have offered:
Jesus, I Am Ready: Developing a Servant's Heart - Month of November (Devotions for Every Day of the Year).

Smashwords Link:

Kobo Link:

I now want Amazon to price match it by offereing it for free. That is where YOU come in. The more Amazon is made aware of the free price at Kobo and Smashwords, the more they will rush to price match it so Kindle Owners can enjoy it free too. So here is what you do.

1st - This is the KOBO LINK that you need to copy and paste into the pop up window on Amazon's site when they ask you for the URL of where it is offfered for free. The LINK IS:

2nd - Go to this Link at Amazon where my ebook is offered for $2.99. I want Amazon to make it permanently free. So CLICK THIS LINK:

ON the Amazon Page under the PRODUCT DETAILS section towards the Middle of the Page, Amazon has a link called "Tell us about a lower price." Here is a snapshot of the page.

Click on the link and the following window will pop up:

Where it asks where did you see a lower price, click next to WEBSITE (ONLINE)

It will expand the same popup window for you to submit the information. This is a snapshot of how that would look.

                                                                                                                                                                               3rd - Now copy this kobo link:

and paste in the section on the popup window that says "URL"

Next where it says "PRICE" put 0.00 and where it says Shipping costs also put 0.00

LASTLY click the "SUBMIT FEEDBACK" BUTTON and you are done. Thank you very much for your help. Check back to the Amazon site to download it when it goes free. Amazon usually takes two weeks to price match.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping out.

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