September 12, 2012

FREE - my just written poem or whatever you want to call it inspired by Stevie Wonder's Song "Free"

I have been busily working on my new effort due out by tomorrow and I was listening to Stevie Wonder's Song "Free." Just search for the video on After listening to it, I thought about how busy we often become that we forget to smell the roses. How we allow the doldrums of life to creep in and stifle our joy and peace of mind. How we needlessly suffer on this spinning ball when we could really have a better life. So I penned a small poem. I am not a poet, I repeat, I am not a poet but as a writer I wanted the statement inside to flow so here it is entitled "Free."


Since you’ve taken my freedom in life
Take it not away in death
The strangling dischord of hate rob my piece of mind
 Freedom asks nothing yet gives everything
How come you cannot free me?
What is it to you that I want to roam the plains?
What is it to you that my face wants to bathe in sun-rays?
Every man must meet his fate.
Every Seraphim must sing praise.
On the altar of selfishness the world dies while few live
But what is life when misery abounds
Can you really quench your thirst when my lips are too parched to sip?
Can you taste the smoothness of tender braised steak when my aching bones I cannot bear?
Are you responsible for my happiness?
You’ll be glad to hear that the answer is no.
Are you going to allow me to be free?
Not in death but in this life?

Copyright © 2012 Conrad Powell
Inspired by Stevie Wonder’s Song “Free.”

Okay back to writing my legal analysis of the No Easy Day Saga due out by tomorrow.

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