June 13, 2012

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It has been some time since I have been able to blog. 


I am working on getting my new Detective Series out in time for Father's Day. The name of my Detective is Aston Martin Start (a NYC Detective). Here is a preview of the Cover for Part 1. 


I've been too busy to notice politics but I understand Ron and Rand Paul are now backing Mitt Romney. Ok.

Writer's Legal Tip of The Day:


When I use a royalty free photo to make a book cover, is that legal? And can I use it to print as well as in ebook form? 


I answered this in some post long and far away but I will refresh the info.
Here is the deal on Royalty Free Photos:

I think you ask the question from the wrong end. I think you should ask what are the consequences.


When someone takes a photo or films a video. they own the content

(I think best example of how precious this is is the woman who had footage at JFK's assasination make quite a few millions per second of download and the Courts ordered the US government to pay her estate. Not bad for a "home video."

Now, if you use anyone photo, they technically own the content. That does not necessarily cover the right to commercially exploit the subject of the video. 
Example. A photo of a famous building or person does not give you the right to use the image of the person in the photo. You would have to seek a "model release" in order to do so. 

Yes this stuff is very technical but follow along.
Many websites like Getty images have cropped up as a wholesale licensor of images. Some are called royalty free which means you pay a one time fee to download it and use it as you wish. If that image has a model in it or a figure, Getty has gone though the trouble of getting the releases ahead of time. Therefore you don't have to worry.

There is also called Royalty Managed photos. In this paradigm, you must pay for the type of exploitation you seek based upon your level of usage and type of usage.

There are people who still use these photos without paying the fees to companies like Getty. If you can get around their unsitely watermarks, these pictures can be used from a technical perspective but it is illegal. 

Now i would not advocate that you do that but look at the reality. Who will sue you? If they sue you a lawsuit could very well bring you some notoriety. So if you choose to use an image without paying the licenses, the consequences can vary depending upon the popularity of your book. At some point if you used an image illegally, then you would have made it as an author if you receive a Cease and Desist letter demanding that you remove the photo from use or pay a bundle of money. If this happens to you it would be both a blessing and a pain in the you know what. Okay. That should answer your question. 

Hunger Is Not a Game Project:



Keep the donations coming folks. I am planning the first project for Junction, Saint Elizabeth and Santa Cruz, Saint Elizabeth. We will use the first funds to purchase bulk items chicken and rice and a few volunteers will cook the food to be served. I will film everything for you all to see. I am excited to start so please do help. Project Jamaica. 

Picture of the Day: 

Photographer Maxim Kazmin

Musician/Band/Music of the Day:

I am listening to an oldie but goodie. Kurt Carr and The Kurt Carr Singers

"Awesome Wonder"

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