May 08, 2012

FREE KINDLE EBOOK DOWNLOAD - Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration

This will be the new formats of my blogs that will cover areas and topics I will blog on regularly. Areas and topics are subject to change based on current events. Thanks much.


Download now on Kindle a special way to say thanks to my readers: Absolutely free for 2 more days so hurry and download. I am now working on final edits of The Coyaba Protocal, The Assurance, Island Heist (Detective Lester Jayson Thriller #1) and Eve Ate, Adam Didn't. The First Parts of all 4 series will be complete within three weeks. starting with Island Heist. I will be finishing up touches of "Black Girls Don't Cry Too Much." It should be ready for upload within two weeks.


Well I've been catching up on real word news. Ron Paul givin' 'em hell. Imagine the possibility of Ron Paul bringing the Republican Party to it's knees by studying the delegate voting system within the party. It cannot be denied Ron Paul is a mover and a shaker. I am neither Democrat, Republican nor Libertarian. If there was a party that could capture the best of each that party would have my vote. As to what qualifies as the best of each? I'll keep it to myself (smile.) Okay off the soapbox and back to writing.

Writer's Tip of The Day:

If you want to save copyright fees, put all you writings together under one collection call it for example "Conrad Powell's Collection Volume 1" and list on your copyright application all the underlying  works contained therein. In this way, you are only paying one application fee to cover several works. The one copyright will include protection for all the works contained therein. Remember, obtaining a copyright certificate from the Library of Congress is not necessary to prove ownership of your works. You are presumed to have that ownership once you put it into a recorded format (i.e. writing it down). However, the copyright certificate gives you the presumption of copyright and allows you to sue in US Federal Court to protect your works from unauthorized exploitation. If I have sufficiently confused you, email me at for a better explanation.

Hunger Is Not a Game Project:

Also a thank you to two more purchasers of The Hunger is Not a Game Project.

Picture of the Day: Photographer, Thomas Hawk

Musician/Band/Music of the Day:

Hands down TTD gets my vote. Terence Trent D'arby as perhaps the greatest liberator of his own musical expression. The man did things on his terms. I especially dig his new music
"Albuquerque" and "Christine"  cool tunes. Check them out streaming on his website at 

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