April 04, 2012


I wanted to blog about some great news. Since going live The Vampire's Apostle is selling well, also The Box Set: The Vampire's Redemption Series - Parts 1 to 4. I suspect that the 5th instalment in the Series is driving sales. NOTE: There are three things I am observing as an Indie Author.

(1) - FASTER TURN AROUND TIME FOR CONTENT - What is happening is called a paradigm shift. That simply means that the consumers of story entertainment are no longer wanting to wait one year at a time for instalments to their new stories. I predict that this will even affect the movie industry. In a year it will become laughable that the powers that be who control intellectual property content will be able to keep folks at bay one year for each movie or one year for each new series in a book trilogy and the reason is simple.

Consumers are now being spoiled by indie authors who are getting content sequels and series parts to them quicker than Hollywood or the Traditional publishers. There is simply too much red tape in the processing of content to make it deliverable to the consumers.

 I agree that there are indie works out there that could use some severe editing processes, however, the cream of the indie pie is rising to the top and consumers are rewarding that.

I am slated to finish Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration  by next week.

It will be uploaded no later than a week from today. Part 7 - The Vampire's Prophet will be the following week and Part 8 - The Vampire's Ascension will be the week thereafter, precisely 15,000 words in three weeks deliverable to wanting consumers.

If I were with a traditional publisher I would not be allowed to deliver my content so fast.Now I am not one of those bashers of The Traditional Publishers because if the price is right I may very well accept a deal like Amanda Hocking.

Now I do not know if being an Attorney-at-Law helps in my speed with which I edit for grammatical and typographical errors (and believe me there are a few (smile)) but I do know I can deliver to an audience that loves fast content. So there is a game changer. I suspect that the Hunger Games Trilogy Film and the Stieg Larsson - "Girl" series shall be the last of the dying breed of year by yea releases. There will come a time sequels and tri-quels will be coming out back to back. Enough said, and

Okay so there it is. Stop the Facebook, Twitter obsessions folks. Although those are great networking sites I believe it was the Great J.A. Konrath who said spend your time and money writing. Now this is my advice.

The money you are spending buying ads, buy a big bag of Doritos, a large bag of hotdogs that you pre-fry and you have an all-niter and write at least 3,000 words. Do this two times a week and spend your money for your favourite snacks to make you happy while you write for broke. Now I suggest for those health conscious like my colleague J.A. Konrath that you substitute the above with apples and bananas and fruit juice (no sugar added).

(3) GET DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING - Seriously folks I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this program is for me. I write all my books by hand and then I speak it into microsoft word using Dragon. Once I just leave out the quotation marks references and the periods (I go back and add that it later in the edits) it works wonders and the edits go faster. I really recommend this program. I sure wish I could be their spokesperson. Anyhoo! Keep writing and keep living. I still have the Hunger Games short something I am working on.  

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