April 12, 2012

RE: The Vampire's Celebration. The Vampire Redemption Series - Part 6

Hi All:
I am 2,000+ words into Part 6 Should be finished by April 15th and uploaded by April 20th. I am also working on my response to The Hunger Games. I hope all are encouraged. "God's will will never take you where His love cannot keep you." I think I heard that quote from Arsenio Hall. What ever happened to Arsenio? Back in the day that was definitely the late night show. Momentarily I have two FREEBIE KINDLE PROMOS going:
The Vampire's Salvation. The Vampire Redemption Series - Part 3.  and
The Vampire Redemption Series Collection: Parts 1 and 3.
Enjoy them. For the month of March, I gave away a total of 3,165 copies of my books but this resulted in overwhelming sales numbers. Thank you all for your support. 

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