June 14, 2013

AMAZON PRICE-MATCHED - THE REALM - Box Set Parts 1 to 5 -Thanks Everyone

As you all are aware Amazon Price-matches with other websites. This is a very important tool for Authors who want to have parts of a series given for free in order to encourage readers to make a purchase of the series. When price-matched for free, your book is essentially permanently on the free download list for the genre and it can really give you mileage.

I asked all my readers to help me the other day to get The Realm: Box Set - Parts 1 to 5  price-matched for free and they helped me by alerting Amazon that the title exists free on
Barnes and Noble

If enough persons tell Amazon about the free price elsewhere, Amazon will match it to Free status.

I did this so hopefully persons who read the free portion, would come back to purchase the complete Novel
The Realm: A Novel (Book One of the Realm of Angels Series). Also, I set the price for the novel temporarily at USD 99 cents (at the Amazon site only) to see if I get movement. Otherwise it is prices at 4.99. The Novel is at the following links:

Amazon: The Realm: A Novel

Barnes and Noble: The Realm: A Novel

Kobo: The Realm: A Novel

Itunes: The Realm: A Novel

Smashwords: The Realm: A Novel

So this tool is very effective for authors like me who have serialized works.


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