May 05, 2012

Thank you All for the continued support of The Hunger is Not a Game Project.

Two more books were purchased and two more Kindle Premium Membership "borrows." Each borrow is equivalent to USD$2.00 so please borrow the book if you want to contribute. I would now like to have the readers email me suggestions on which Charity dealing with poverty alleviation, hunger relief, or similar efforts, we would consider for contributing the proceeds from Hunger Is Not a Game. I would like us to consider OXFAM. Here is their 2010 annual Financial Report. They do quite a bit globally to address poverty and social justice.
Also I am making a new announcement 10% of the profits from all my commercial books shall be donated to The HUNGER is NOT a GAME PROJECT. This shall start with June 2012 royalties going forward. As soon as the royalties hit my account for Amazon that is 60 days from the time of accrual, then I shall forward 10% of the gross to The Hunger is Not a Game Project. This is of course in addition to the 100% royalties from the "Hunger Is Not a Game" book available for $4.99 on Thanks to all those who have donated already.

Part 6 - The Vampire's Celebration

has finally been uploaded to Amazon and should be ready for purchase by Sunday morning.
It took a little longer than expected due to my involvement with getting The Hunger Is Not a Game Project off the ground.

I am now turning my attention to uploading all the first parts of my new series that I have:
(Thriller) The Coyaba Protocol - Book 1 - The Coyaba Trilogy
(Sci Fi Thriller) The Assurance - Book 1 - The Assurance Trilogy
(Religious Thriller) (Young Adult) Eve Ate, Adam Didn't - Book 1 - The Nikolas Sander Series
and I am in the midst of finishing Part 2 - The Witness. The Betrayal Series (Romance).

Also Free on Amazon Kindle for a few days is:
The Vampire Redemption Series: Collection Parts 3 and 4 and 5.

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